Activist is institutionalizing social movements. 


Technology evolved, but activism hasn’t evolved beyond hashtags. Social movements need a digital framework to be efficient and successful on the long run. A cure for cancer won’t be funded on GoFundMe and tigers won’t be saved from extinction on Facebook.

Activist is an innovative framework to power the world’s social movements online. We help activists give purpose to the content they already publish online. 

Technology is readily available and surely there is enough capital in the world held by those which benefit from consumerism to fix most of the BIG problems. So.. why aren’t we seeing REAL measurable change for good?

  • Companies providing services to help fundraise, network, market and measure the impact on online giving, don’t speak to each other. They don’t exchange data. Without end-to-end data from donation to 

How this affects social good:

Centralization of data and funding services deeply affect the growth of the nonprofit sector, proportionally to global economic growth.

Companies such as Charity Navigator and GuideStar hold nonprofit data hostage. Personal Fundraising services such as gofundme.com contribute to a culture of mistrust on online giving and were not designed to power social movements.

Do you know what happens with your money after you donate it on gofundme.com?

Activists world wide use social platforms to raise awareness and help generate funds to keep nonprofits healthy in their ability to do their work. There’s one problem though.. social media trust is in a all-time low.

Our framework aligns the needs of nonprofits with the social media goals of influencers and brands and puts activists at the forefront of social and environmental change.

We must rethink how we use social media for social good. As technology evolves it becomes exponentially easier for any individual to make global impact on social, political, environmental areas where as 10 years ago this was just impossible. – So how do we harness all this brutal potential and define activism for the new era?

Activist is a social philanthropy platform running on a decentralized network of institutionalized social movements.

Yep!!. if the solution could ever be spelled easily, it would have been done already.. 

Ze – Activist Founder

We’re making it possible for activists to make real-world impact with the content they already share online. 

Instead of just receiving “likes”, stories published on Activist unlock funds donated by brands committed to make real-world impact. 

It’s time to redefine Activism. It’s time for change. Join us today.